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Take Your Sugar Cookies Up a Notch

August 7, 2017

Now that you have a reliable sugar cookie recipe (see July 9 post), you can get fancy with it. Jazz up your sugar cookie with 5 simple ideas. The outcomes will be unique and giftable!


  1. Turn them into delicious sandwich cookies with a variety of fillings — fresh fruit preserves, caramel sauce, nut butter. Dust the outside with confectioners’ sugar and you’re all set!

  2. Make a thumb print cookie. Form sugar cookie dough into balls, roll in regular sugar, place on a baking sheet, and make a shallow indentation in the center of each one with your thumb. After the cookies are baked, press a miniature chocolate candy (Hershey's kiss, for example) into the center and let cool completely. Cookies and candy all rolled into one!

  3. Try different flavorings in the sugar cookie dough.  Instead of vanilla extract, try almond, lemon, or peppermint extract for a flavor change. You can even add finely grated fresh lemon zest for flecks of beautiful color and a nice pop of flavor.

  4. Roll the cookie dough in a coarsely textured, colored, or sparkly sugar before slicing and baking. This will give each cookie a nice rim of crunchy sugar and festive sparkle to boot.

  5. Drizzle with melted chocolate.



















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